Looking to the cruelty-free future

Let’s face it, 2016 was kind of a bummer.  We lost some amazing artists. Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince… Princess Leia for cripes sake.  We also lost some tried and true cruelty-free brands to buy-outs to parent companies that test on animals.  It cosmetics, BECCA, Too Faced, and the one that hit me the hardest, Seventh Generation.  I’m not even going to bother mentioning what we’ve gained in their stead 😦

So, I’ve decided that 2017 will be the year I feature all sorts of indie and otherwise lesser known brands that  I believe deserve a shout-out and to which we can turn to in our time of need.

These are just a few of the brands I’ll be featuring in the coming weeks, categorized by general theme and listed in no particular order:

Historically professional/theater makeup artist brands

  • Viseart
  • Mehron
  • Ben Nye
  • Ofra

Independent companies you may have never heard of if you’re not on Instagram

  • Strobe
  • Ittse
  • Juvia’s Place
  • Zuzu Luxe
  • Sappho
  • 14e
  • Fitglow
  • Red Apple Lipstick
  • Vapour
  • RMS

Drugstore brands smushed between big brands’ displays or otherwise relegated to the back of the aisle

  • Wet n Wild
  • Milani
  • Jordana
  • Physician’s Formula

If you have requests or recommendations for brands not listed, just let me know!

PS  Since we could all use a laugh, here’s a random photo collage of what happens when your husband scares the beegeezus out of you while you’re putting on dark lipstick…


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