A Special Edition of Beautyforgood.net

Do you remember when they used to have some touchy feely episode of a sitcom or drama and they’d hype it as a ‘special episode’?  I always thought that was so sappy, but now, here I am doing it myself!

As you may know, one of the reasons I first got involved with the cruelty-free beauty community was because of my particular devotion to dogs.

I’ve recently partnered with the PSPCA in Philly to help one of my special buddy dogs, Colt, get a much needed surgery for his hip dysplasia.  He lives in pain every day and he’s still one of the sweetest, most gentle, dogs I’ve ever known.


If you have a chance, please read his story at Colt’s Heroes on Every Day Hero, and share or donate if you can.  Donations go directly to the PSPCA and are earmarked for Colt!  I promise, no beauty products will be purchased 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, sharing or donating, and for your interest and dedication in helping all animals by buying cruelty-free!

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