Cruelty-free Confab: Let’s have a chat!

So, there have been a couple of things on my mind lately, beauty-wise, and I thought I’d put them out there to see what you think….


First up, limited edition campaigns?  Yay or nay?  I just can’t decide.  On the one hand, I totally get it from the brands’ perspective.  It’s a great marketing tool and they can try out something on a more limited basis to see if it gets any traction.  Plus, you get to feel all lucky and proud if you get your paws on it. But sometimes it’s so frustrating as a consumer.  You get all enthusiastic about a product, which is getting huge hype in the beauty-media, only for it to be perpetually out of stock or only available for some absurdly small window of time in the middle of the day on some random Tuesday.  I mean, I have a job, people.


Secondly, I’ve been thinking of posting kind of like a little shout out to the universe (and any beauty brands that might be reading) about items that I really wish would go (or go back to) being completely cruelty-free.  Again, I can’t decide.  Is this something people would be interested in seeing, or would it just be a bit of cruelty-free cruelty… here’s some great items, but, don’t buy them!

Let me know your thoughts… 🐶😍🐰

9 replies to “Cruelty-free Confab: Let’s have a chat!

  1. I know what you mean about the campaigns. Frustrating, particularly when you are like me and always find out at the last minute that the product even exists! How do people find out so soon? Secondly I think the cruelty free shout outs would be a good idea 👍


    1. Will do on the cruelty-free shout outs! Re: the campaigns, I hear ya. I think some people get products sent to them, for review etc, before the products actually come out and then, if you follow them on their various social media platforms, you find out as soon as they’re allowed to start talking about it….

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