Makeup Moratoria: One way to curb the addiction

stopAs evidenced in my makeup organization post, I have an unnecessarily large cosmetics collection.  And there does not seem to be an end to the growth in sight.

That said, I’ve started to feel like I need to make some tough choices in terms of new purchases.  One decision I’ve made is to prohibit myself from purchasing types of products that, while I’m always intrigued and tempted by, I almost never find myself reaching for once they hit my collection.

1a. Lip products in pots.  I just don’t use them.  I have several that are so pretty, but I never reach for them over the ones in tubes/with wands.  Particularly for toting around in a bag. It irks me to have to dip my finger in (hygiene, people!) and then to have to wipe my finger off.  I’ve even bought retractable lip brushes to try to make it easier.  But it’s flat not happening.

1b. Lip products with a flavor.  Do not mess with my eating and drinking.  The end.

2) Loose powders.  Again, I have a few products that I’ve been DYING to try because they’re supposed to be dupes for former non cruelty-free favorites, but they continue to languish in drawers, and in some cases in their original mailing envelopes, because I just don’t reach for them over my pressed powders.  This is particularly true for blushes, but also for foundation and eye shadows.  I know some people have success with “pressing” their loose powders themselves, but, seriously, let’s be honest.  A) I’m too lazy, B) I’d muck it up.  The one exception to this policy is glitter.  I’ll do anything for sparkle.

3) Matte eye shadow palettes.  I have a few that I really like, but I reach for them so rarely in comparison to my more satin and metallic finish shadows, that I simply can’t justify spending $ that could be spent on dog treats on any more all-matte palettes.  My resolve has recently been tested with the launch of the E.L.F Mad for Mattes palette, but I held strong.  Actually, I plan to console myself by buying two other eye shadow palettes and two face palettes from that same launch 😉

What are your makeup moratoria?

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