Moving: The 10th Circle of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Sandro Botticelli [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Perhaps you are familiar with the nine circles of hell as described by Dante in L’Inferno: 1. Limbo, 2, Lust, 3. Gluttony, 4. Greed / Extravagance, 5. Wrath / Sullenness, 6. Heresy, 7. Violence, 8. Fraud, and finally, 9. Treachery.  Each level is progressively more horrifying than the next, in recognition of the increasingly horrific nature of the deeds committed by those who there reside, culminating in the lair of Satan himself.

I would argue that Signor Alighieri neglected to include the actual final level, the 10th circle, Hapless Folly, reserved for those of us so lacking in good judgement that we decide it’s a good idea to pack up all of our belongings and relocate them to an entirely other place.

As some of you may know, Beauty, for Good HQ has been in the process of moving and we’re finally getting (sort of) settled in to our new location.  One of my incredibly kind readers had asked for a peek into “all my makeup” packed up!  I am sorry to report, I forgot until I was halfway through with unpacking, but I figured I’d throw together a few tips in an effort to make the makeup aspect of the 10th circle a little easier for those who come after me!

A while back, I posted some info regarding how I store my makeup collection, which pretty much resides in this little rolly cart with plastic drawers.


This storage actually made packing my beauty items much easier, as I could just lift the drawers out and put them straight into the boxes as is.  Of course, each layer of shelves was carefully bubble-wrapped before the next layer was added.

Ultimately, I ended up filling two boxes with my makeup (i.e., not including skincare).  It really isn’t that much, if you think about it 😉


Each box was, as my husband said, “agressively” taped up and labeled.  You may note there is a red dot on each label?


The red dot indicated, “Stop.  This box may NOT go with the movers!”

A couple additional tips:

Just in case, don’t forget to pack some essentials in each category for use on the days before you get to unpacking the majority of your stash.  We moved on 7/10 and I only just unpacked my makeup today, 7/18!  The horror 😉  I used my trusty travel bag, which I was able to hang on various doorknobs or car hooks as we made our way down the coast.hangingtravelcase

Don’t leave things lying around unattended.  Dogs are crafty.


Hope to be able to post again on Friday… maybe I’ll have my new lighting situation figured out by then!

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