Beauty routine time-savers: Multitasking cruelty-free style!

Hi everyone!  So sorry for the recent long lag in posting… new job, new city, holiday season, takes up a LOT of time.  But I have a bunch of ideas in the queue for the coming weeks!

With all the activities and to-and-fro, I’ve been very interested of late in anything that will save me time with my beauty routine, which prompted me to start investigating all the “multi” use products that have been coming out lately.  I gathered a few to test out and wanted to share 🙂

First up, the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek.  I saw Lisa Eldridge use Diabolique in her video,”Opulent Burgundy and Berry Makeup Look Using Organic, Natural Colour“, and I was immediately in love.  What’s more, I was able to request it for review as part of the awesome LoveLula Accredited Blogger Program 🙂  LoveLula is a UK-based online store, specializing in natural beauty and skincare, which makes it a great place to look for a wide assortment of cruelty-free options.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek Diabolique

Diabolique is a rich red perfect for autumn/winter. The consistency is definitely gel-like, perfect for when your lips and cheeks are feeling chapped.  For the lip, I like to layer it for a deeper color, whereas for the cheeks you can sheer it out for that just-in-from-the-cold-glow.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek Diabolique

Searching on the slightly more ‘drugstore’ end of the spectrum, I decided to try some of the Pixi Beauty Multibalms and the Ulta Beauty Lip + Cheek Color Stick.

Pixi Multibalms in Wild Rose Baby Petal; Ulta Lip + Cheek Color Stick in Mauves
L to R: Pixi Multibalms in Wild Rose & Baby Petal; Ulta Lip + Cheek Color Stick in Mauves

I bought my Pixi Multibalms at Target, but you can also order directly from Pixi’s website.  And the Ulta stick I bought online from, you guessed it… Ulta!  I find the Ulta stick to have a bit more slip than the Pixi ones, but I think they’re both nice and hydrating for winter wear.

Last but not least, what was acquired as part of my Sephora VIB Sale splurge.  First and foremost, the Bite Beauty Multisticks.  I was introduced to these during the aforementioned Lisa Eldridge video, Cerise, had me at hello.  Then, I saw Kathleen Lights do a gorgeous monochromatic look using only these as her color cosmetics and, so, I needed some of those shades, too.

Bite Beauty Multisticks
L to R: Bite Beauty Multisticks in Cashew, Biscotti, Brioche, Cerise

These are definitely less gel-like, and more cream-to-powder, which I think is what makes them more workable for the eyes, in addition to the lips and cheeks.  So, they’re a triple threat!  But, that also means they’re not quite as hydrating feeling as the others I’ve mentioned, and also, you have to be more careful with sanitizing in between going from eyes-to-lips, etc.  I recently did a whole look using Cerise for the eyes, lips, and cheeks and LOVED it! Let me know if you’d like to see it as a FOTD…

During that self-same VIB sale, as I was clicking things into my cart like a mad-woman, I came upon a little NudeStix minis set that I also had to try.  You get to sample 3 versions of their multisticks: Mini Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in Pulse (glossy nude),  Mini Intense Matte Lip + Cheek in Raven (rich plum), & Mini Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil in Sin (rose)

NudeStix Mini Lip + Cheek set

Let me know your fave multi-use products and stay tuned for my upcoming post, Battling Winter Beauty Woes, cruelty-free style, of course 😉

Please know that the links to LoveLula, including the one below, are ‘affiliate links’.  If you click through this link to the online store and make a purchase, you support via a small commission. This commission does not increase the price of the product for you.

*These are only my opinions, formed through my personal experience as a consumer.  I am not a medical doctor, an aesthetician, or a health/beauty professional.  There is no guarantee what effect, positive or negative, these products may have on anyone else.

**LoveLula provided the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek  for review.  Other products were purchased by me from brands that, to the best of my knowledge, are cruelty-free.

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