Battling winter woes: Cruelty-free style!

Lately, the weather hasn’t quite known what to do with itself here on the east coast of the U.S.  But, it definitely has been getting colder, and I’ve definitely started noticing the associated skin sorrows.

Whenever my skin starts to get irritated, my eyes and lips tend to take the brunt of it, so much of battling happens on those fronts.

For my eyes, I’ve been  spending extra time and energy on moisturizing; I’ve even started using aloe vera as my eye shadow primer… works like a dream!  Thank you, again, Lisa Eldridge!

I’ve also been really enjoying getting back into my creme shadows and mascaras  to provide that extra bit of hydration.  From E.L.F. to RMS and everyone in between!

For my face, first and foremost is moisturzing, which can’t be done right without exfoliating all those little dry spots first.  I try to avoid harsh, or alcohol-based, toners particularly in winter and have gone back to my tried-and-true witch hazel.  That scent always brings me right back to 3rd grade, when I had my ears pierced, since my mom used witch hazel to help me keep my new piercings in shape.

Another thing I’ve just discovered, not exactly Magellan over here, is that I can use more moisturizing primers on drier parts of my skin and still use my salicylic acid primer on the oily bits.  Duh.

For my base, I’ve been alternating between a few perennial faves that offer both coverage and hydration.  And then, topping it off with a fave cream blush.

Last up, lips.  I refuse to give up on my bold, dark colors, so I really count on serious lip exfoliation + moisturization.  It’s a staple of both my morning and evening beauty regimen.

Trader Joes Virtuoso lip balm, Dr. Bronner's organic lip balm, ELF Soothing Lip balm, Lauren Brooke organic sweet chai lip scrub, ELF lip exfoliant

For casual out-and-about running errands, I’m obsessed with a colored lip balm, or else my new Brija Cosmetics Wand Lipstick, which is super balmy itself 🙂

Brija Cosmetics wand lipstick

For work or serious outings I need serious color.

As you may recall, I ❤ my ABH glosses.


But, I’ve also been trying to give some of my other moisturizing lipsticks the attention they deserve.

My Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Cremes

My 100% Pure Pomegranate Lipsticks


My Nudestix

and my new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks…


… including my new Pepper, which appears to me to be a slightly cooler and darker mauve than the previous formula’s Pepper.

L to R: Bite Beauty Pepper Luminous Creme , Pepper Amuse Bouche

I hope these suggestions have helped you in turning any of your winter beauty woes into a wonderland of winter looks… to corny, right? 😉

*These are only my opinions, formed through my personal experience as a consumer. I am not a medical doctor, an aesthetician, or a health/beauty professional. There is no guarantee what effect, positive or negative, these products may have on anyone else.

**LoveLula provided the RMS Beauty Creme Eyeshadow for review. 100% Pure provided the Black Tea Mascara. Other products were purchased by me from brands that, to the best of my knowledge, are cruelty-free.

Please know that links to LoveLula and 100% Pure, including the ones below, are ‘affiliate links’. If you click through this link to the online stores and make a purchase, you support via a small commission. This commission does not increase the price of the product for you.

100% Pure

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