Cruelty-free Catch-up & Chat!

I want to accomplish a couple of goals today:

1. Introduce my new blog theme!


A few weeks ago, I was pleased to receive a shout-out from a brand that was featuring cruelty-free bloggers (check out their whole list on Sula NYC).  I was very grateful for the kind words, but also tried to take their constructive comments about the visuals on the blog into account.  So, I’m trying out a new theme, which I think is more visually interesting and true to the nature of a beauty blog.  I’d love to know your thoughts!

My chosen theme was inspired by the beautiful happybunnybeauty blog.  And, by inspired, I mean shamelessly copied.  She has a fabulous cruelty-free blog with tons of great features, including my personal faves, her odes to beauty of days gone by like those of ancient Rome and ancient Greece!

2. Post the LONG overdue reply and thank you to the two lovely bloggers who nominated me for blogger awards an embarrassing number of moons ago.  The gracious happybunnybeauty, featured above, who nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award and the lovely and kind Kathleen, of the Good, the Fab and the Lovely, who nominated me for the Beauty Blogger Award.

First up, as indicated by the rules in the One Lovely Blogger Award:

7 Random Facts

  1. You may recall that I’ve previously stated that I’d love to be friends with Mandy Patinkin… well, we’re not there yet, but I did get to speak to him at his concert last week at NJPAC!  So fun, it was all thanks to my mom and Mr. Patinkin was very gracious!
  2. I’m well into day 6 of composing the fan letter I’ll be sending to Mr. Patinkin 😉
  3. I’ve added Daryl Dixon to the list of fictitious people I’d very much like to be friends with
  4. My husband and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary
  5. Beautyforgood HQ will be moving to a new state (geographically-speaking) in July… so please excuse me in advance if posting gets a little inconsistent in the next bit of time.
  6. I once tried to make a list all of my dog’s nicknames, but it was too long and I got tired.
  7. I previously posted even more random facts that you can read here and here!

And now…  my responses to Kathleen’s questions from the Beauty Blogger Award:

  1. Which period of time would you like to live in?

The 1920s.  A bold eye and a red lip… I mean, come on.  Plus it was a good time for expansion of women’s rights AND they had indoor plumbing.

  1. CC or foundation?

Hmmm.  I have so many bases that I like, but, I think I’ll have to go with CC as they tend to have SPF, which is a must have for me.

  1. Name 3 basic fashion items you couldn’t live without?

Another toughie.  I couldn’t decide whether to go with 3 items in my particular wardrobe or 3 overall types.  So, I’m going with types of which I have multiple particular examples in my collection.

  • High-waisted jean leggings
  • Knee-high, high-heeled boots
  • Large, chandelier-type earrings
  1. Plastic surgery… yay or nay?

I say, “you do you” for this one, i.e., do what makes you happy.  That said, be sure to CAREFULLY screen anyone who’s doing a procedure on your body and just generally stay safe.

  1. How old are you… but how old do you feel?

I’m 40.  I feel about 35.

  1. Which beauty products are always in your handbag?

My bag seems to be where lip products go for extended vacations.  I’m always throwing the lip of the day in my bag without taking the lip of yesterday, last week, and last month out of my bag.  I also carry blotting papers and the occasional waterline eyeliner for touch-ups.

  1. Why did you start blogging?

If I may quote my About page, “My goal is to share some of the info I’ve gathered over the course of a disturbing amount of time (and $) thinking about and playing with makeup, with ladies who are dealing with the particular challenges of 30+skin…. and to do my small part to advocate for beauty that does not come with the expense of animal testing.”

  1. Which beauty tip from your (grand)mother do you still use today?

This doesn’t really qualify as a tip, but from a very early age I could recognize that there was just something chic and glam about my Grandma Gloria.  I have this image of her in oversize sunglasses, a midi-length skirt and knee-high boots.   Now that I think about it, those are some my own fave wardrobe items.  So, maybe it was a tip after all!

  1. Name one beauty item that you would splurge on… (and try to convince us to buy it too)

I’d say I’m most likely to splurge on base products, like foundations and concealers, and maybe color cosmetics for the cheeks.  My skin is a trial so I can be kind of picky about those sorts of products.

  1. At what age did you start using make-up?
crayola from pinterest
Crayola Lip Balms by Avon- photo found on Pinterest

I remember dabbling in lip glosses for play when I was in grammar school, and had an unfortunate affinity for eyeliner in my early teen years, but didn’t really get serious about investigating the world of beauty ‘til I was in my 30s.

Thank you again to the lovely ladies of happybunnybeauty and the Good, the Fab and the Lovely and

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