Wet n’ Wild Fall 2016: Cruelty-free Eyes and Lips!

I’ve mentioned before how much I ❤ Wet n’ Wild’s shadows, and when I saw the fall 2016 trios, I knew they were going to be mine 😉

I picked up both trios… Cripes!  I just went to the Wet n’ Wild website and they’re not there…  Hmm… I’m going to continue with this post anyway, in case

  1. They come back in stock (I’ve emailed WnW, stay tuned for their response)
  2. You’ve seen in a local store and want to grab them

First up, Velour Vixen.  I was impressed with the texture and pigmentation of the creamy pink and cranberry shades.  The dark brown shade has some cranberry-colored glitter, but the glitter doesn’t show up too much unless you REALLY pack it on.

Wet n' Wild Velour Vixen

Here’s a look I did using the ‘crease’ color all over the lid and the ‘eyelid’ color as a liner… That’s right,  I’m a rebel 😉  Though, I did use the ‘browbone’ color on my brow bone.

I happened to purchase this at the same time as the Au Naturel Palette in Nude Awakening, and there are definitely similarities.

Wet n' Wild palettes with burgundy
Left: Velour Vixen, Right: Nude Awakening

So, if it’s an absolute must have for you, this would be a nice not-quite-dupe with which you could certainly get a very similar look.  The main difference is that the burgundy in the Nude Awakenings palatte is more of a true burgundy and is matte, whereas the cranberry shade in Velour Vixen has a satin, slightly sheeny finish.

Wet n' Wild swatches
Left: Velour Vixen, Right: Nude Awakenings

The other trio in the collection is Plaid to the Bone.  I had SUCH high hopes for the ‘crease’ color in this palette.  Sadly, it was the second shadow in as many weeks that I’d thought was a deeper denim blue and turned out to be more of a peacock blue.  Also, it was pretty disappointingly pigmented, and somewhat patchy.

Wet n' Wild Plaid to the Bone

However, the duochrome (labeled ‘eyelid’), which is the ubiquitous browny/greeny shade of many duochromes is perhaps my favorite of this shade that I have in my whole collection.  Very creamy and easy to work with.  I also quite like the taupey brown ‘browbone’ color.  I used them both liberally for this look.  Definitely some fall out, but I always do my eyes first so it’s an easy cleanup.

Wet n' Wild Plaid to the Bone

If you can’t get your hands on this palette, and want something like it, the duochrome shade should be easily dupable.  The browbone shade reminds me very much of Nutty, a GREAT single from this same brand, which is just a tinge warmer/pinker.

Wet n' Wild swatches
Left: Nutty, Right: Plaid to the Bone browbone shade

I’m taking a pause on purchasing anymore matte liquid lipsticks, but I did pick up two of their Naked Protest Velvet Matte Lip Color lip crayons.  The nudey Toffee Frappe, and the slightly darker/mauveier Looking for Truffle.  Love both shades, both nice MLBB‘s.  And they really do go on in a velvety, non-drying way.  That said, as with any matte lippie it’s best to have well-hydrated and well-exfoliated lips before applying them.

Wet n' Wild Toffee FrappeWet n' Wild Looking for Truffle

Ok, all, have a good week!  And, as promised, I’ll update the post if find out anything about a restock 🙂

*These are only my opinions, formed through my personal experience as a consumer.  I am not a medical doctor, an aesthetician, or a health/beauty professional.  There is no guarantee what effect, positive or negative, these products may have on anyone else.

**All products were purchased by me from brands that, to the best of my knowledge, are cruelty-free.

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