Brands you may be missing out on: Drugstore vol 1- Jordana!

It seems the liquid lipstick craze has finally reached the drugstore.  This could be an iffy proposition, as it’s difficult to get liquid lipsticks right, formula-wise.  But Jordana has met the challenge with their Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Colors!

Jordana seems to me to be the kid sister of Milani.  Both brands are owned by the same company; Jordana is more affordable, but harder to find.  I consistently have the best luck finding this brand at Walgreens.  I’ve discussed some of their products in the past, luv their lip liners and mascara, and was intrigued to see they’d come out with liquid lipsticks… and by intrigued, I mean I bought SIX of them in one shot!

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color
Buttercream Frosting, Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Cinnamon Toast, Molten Chocolate Cake

As you can see, they come in a variety of gorgeous colors, right up my neutral nude-toned alley. They all have that slightly-mediciney-yellow-birthday-cake scent, but the only one in which I detect a bit of a mediciney taste is Molten Chocolate Cake.

I’ve been impressed by the ease of application of them all, particularly the lighter shades, which don’t have any of that patchiness you get with some light liquid lipstick shades. You may have noticed I wrote I bought six and there are only five in the photo above.  I decided to do a lip swatch with the red one, Red Velvet Cake, to show that even a relative rube such as myself can get a nice clean border, even with the darker shades.

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liqiud Lipstick in Red Velvet Cake

I think the ease of application is partly the formula, light, slightly moussey (not as moussey as the Ofra liquid lipsticks), and relatively quick (but not too quick) drying.  And partly the wand, which is a doe-foot applicator with a perfect little lip-shaped divet.

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color applicator

I would say they’re quite comfortable for a matte liquid lipstick, you don’t feel them drying down on your lips, but I certainly wouldn’t say they’re moisturizing either.  As with all matte lipsticks, it’s advisable to do some lip exfoliating and moisturizing before applying these.  You can wear a little lip balm either over or under these, without substantially affecting the look or wear time, but as long as you’ve pre-moisturized, you probably won’t need to.  Either way, they wear down really well throughout the day, not patchy or flakey at all.

Hope this has been helpful, happy lipsticking!

*These are only my opinions, formed through my personal experience as a consumer.  I am not a medical doctor, an aesthetician, or a health/beauty professional.  There is no guarantee what effect, positive or negative, these products may have on anyone else.

**All products were purchased by me from brands that, to the best of my knowledge, are cruelty-free.

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