Cruelty-free #FOTD: 100% Pure!

So, I’ve been a fan of 100% Pure for a while now.  I’ve extolled the virtues of their skin care/prep products before, both the Luminous Primer and the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, but I hadn’t really delved into their color cosmetics. Well, you can imagine my excitment when I received an email from them asking if I wanted to become an affiliate!  It was like hitting the blogger lottery… especially since they offered to send me a few products to try out 🙂

I was allowed to choose 3 products, and decided the best way to share my experience was to combine them with products from their line that I’d bought myself to create a Face of the Day that would be easy to pull together and very work-friendly.  As we go through the look, I’ll let you know which were products I bought and which were ones I was sent.

Face first.  I paired the 100% Pure Luminous Primer, which I already had, with one of my most matte bases (ELF Acne Fighting Foundation), to see how well the glow shone through.  Frankly, I think it did a really nice job, the photo below is just primer + base, no blush or highlight.  Now, not everyone is going for this much glow, but, it’s right there in the name and it definitely lives up!

100% Pure Luminous Primer with ELF Acne Fighting Foundation

For blush, I used their Fruit Pigmented Blush in Pretty Naked.  It topped my list of asked- for products, and it did not disappoint.  So pretty. I love a subtle blush, so I used a light hand.  That said, this blush is also quite buildable if you’re looking for more intense color.  I already have a list of all the the other shades I want…

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush Pretty Naked

I had chosen this particular shade because I thought it would do great double-duty as a subtle shading color for the eye…and so it did.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented- Blush in Pretty Naked (as eyeshadow), -Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea

I’d also asked to be sent the Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea.  My lashes are reasonably long anyway, but I thought this did a nice job of defining them and making it look like I had more lashes than I do.  The formula was definitely on the wetter side, which I don’t mind, particularly as  it didn’t require much combing through.  I abhor a lash-clump, and tend to spend more time combing out my lashes than any other step in my makeup routine.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea
L: Bare (curled) lashes, R: Ultra Lengthening Mascara


Finally, I tried out two lip looks, one using the Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick in Foxglove, which I purchased myself, and the other using the Lip Caramel in Truffle, which rounds out the “asked-for” category as the third product I was sent.  I’d chosen both colors in my ceaseless quest for the perfect mauve MLBB and when I first saw them, pre-swatch, I thought they’d be similar.  Turns out, not so much.

100% Pure Lipstick in Foxglove and Lip Caramel in Truffle
Top: Foxglove, Bottom: Truffle

Foxglove is a supereasy, comfy, and wearable nudey, but brightening pink, which I can see becoming one of my purse staples.

100% Pure Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick in Foxglove

Truffle turns out to be a bit of diva, bold but slightly high maintenance 😉  I think it applies more like a lip oil, and that consistency makes it susceptible to running into my fine lines (welcome to being 40).  As such, I use a lip liner to maintain my perimeter for the first little while.  Throughout the day, though, the product dries down to more of a stain so you don’t have to worry about it for long after initial application.  Plus, she’s worth it… that color!


A few other points to note:

  • 100% Pure is not only cruelty-free, but also vegan!
  • They commit to being “toxin-free”, e.g., “fruit-pigmented” color cosmetics.
  • They have a charity-of-the-month program.  Each month they chose a charity to which they donate 100% of the proceeds from sales of specially-curated kits.  It’s not escaped my notice that they often feature dog-friendly charities, like this month’s charity, Rocket Dog!

Finally, yes, I do realize, they’re a bit spendy.  The good news is, they have lots of sales… I’m on their mailing list and I get sale notifications multiple times each month.  Like, for example, their Friends and Family 25% off sale starts today (8/26/16) 🙂

Hope this has been helpful, if you have 100% Pure faves that I don’t know about, fill me in 🙂

Please know that the links to 100% Pure, including the one below, are ‘affiliate links’.  If you click through this link to the online store and make a purchase, you support via a small commission. This commission does not increase the price of the product for you.

100% Pure Cosmetics

*These are only my opinions, formed through my personal experience as a consumer.  I am not a medical doctor, an aesthetician, or a health/beauty professional.  There is no guarantee what effect, positive or negative, these products may have on anyone else.

**100% Pure provided the following products for review:  1) Pretty Naked Blush, 2) Black Tea Mascara, and 3) Truffle Lip Caramel.  Other products were purchased by me from brands that, to the best of my knowledge, are cruelty-free.

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